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Gangster Octopus is a film crew based out of Upstate NY. In 2017 Gangster Octopus released its first short film The Kingsbury Nightmare at the Heights Theater in Elmira, NY. Shortly after Gangster Octopus began releasing short episodes of their comedy No Soliciting. No Soliciting: Adventures in Salesville (The Movie) was released at the Heights Theater in 2019. These theatrical releases grew into small film festival events that included other local entries such as Joseph Davis's The Jimi Hendrix Rockumentary. 

In October of 2022 Gangster Octopus held the Inaugural Wicked Realm Film Festival at The L in Horseheads, NY. This event played 5 short Gangster Octopus originals, Three of Swords, No Soliciting: Zombies, Jelly Beans, The First to Three, & Going Out.

Gangster Octopus

Gangster Octopus

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